End of the World? Will Nibiru Destroy the Earth

It is highly unlikely that Nibiru will cause the end of the world according to Nibiru expert Samuel Hofman from Montana Sky Watchers. The Anunnaki visited earth during the times of the ancient Sumerians. They set out on a search for gold to sustain their world, they needed workers to help them mine the precious material. For this purpose, they genetically engineered a slave race—humans. Why would the ultimate plan be to destroy human-kind?

Radio Wasteland: Basically, should we worry about Nibiru or this other star system destroying the planet Earth?

Samuel Hofman: No, they are not going to shoot themselves in the foot. Earth is the factory planet. We provide commodities, much-needed commodities. We are the backwater on the other side of the tracks people, and we serve the larger other solar system and they’re higher-tech and their other two major planets. I’m told, I don’t have absolute fact behind this, but I’m told that there are three races that live within the Nibiru system. Or the Emiru system, excuse me.

Radio Wasteland: What are the three races?

Samuel Hofman: I do not know. We could refer to them … I’ve never met one of those guys off of that planet, so I don’t have absolute facts for you. I have tons of gossip, but I haven’t been able to stick that pin on the pegboard and say, “Well, this is it.” So, I try not to spread unknown knowledge.

Samuel Hofman: No, I have met three races. I have met a Draco. I have met more than my share of Greys. Actually, one scientist Gray, and several other Greys who were of the lesser caste, because they have different levels. And then, I have met a Pleiadian. And I’m not talking channeling or sighted or anything, but I’m talking actual physical face to face, “How do you do?”

Radio Wasteland: Right.

Samuel Hofman: And to answer your question, they do not need to invade. They already own Earth. And this is not the first time that this cycle has happened. Within the last 300,000 years and the last management regime change who owns our area of space, this has happened 83.3 times. So, they won’t invade. They’re not going to destroy us. They’re not going to come down and eat us, from what I understand. Although, there may be a few rogue factions that fancy cow lip stew, like we’ve talked in the past.

Samuel Hofman: It’s like Star Wars-

Radio Wasteland: That’s distasteful.

Samuel Hofman: There are so many life forms out there. There are rogue guys flying around in this craft and that craft and something they piece together from the Ferengi, which is a joke. There’s so many factions up there that people have got to realize that this is not just seven guys coming down in a saucer landing and abducting people and sampling their DNA, or anything like that for a test back home. These are multiple factions that are here with many sightings of many, many, many, many, many ships, and they’re all here for the Ascension. They’re all here to pick up the commodities, and the number one specific one is gold because that prolonged their life and it’s a huge part of their technology.