Who is Bob Lazar? w/ William Pullin

UFO historian William Pullin talks to us about Bob Lazar, a scientist who some also consider a conspiracy theorist claims to have been hired in the late 1980s to reverse-engineer purported extraterrestrial technology at what he described as a secret site called “S-4”. Lazar’s story has tirelessly been analyzed, rejected, and sometimes accepted by skeptics, historians and ufologists.

Radio Wasteland: Why don’t you give us a little history or a summary of who Bob Lazar is?

William Pullin: Bob Lazar is a scientist that came out in the very late, very tail end of the 1980s, claiming he’d worked on flying saucers in area 51. Area 51 is well known to the public now? But it was a secret military. It was a phase where advanced aircraft would be tested, U-2 spy plane, the f 117, the Aurora aircraft, which no one’s really seen or being confirmed, but it’s out there. So the idea was that recovered alien technology. And possibly organic material was stored here. But you wonder he had access to it and he was working on it as a scientist. He came up in public and was interviewed multiple times by George Nory, who works for a radio station in Las Vegas. And so the story blossomed from there. He had some details. But I guess going back to the constant threat like we just discussed this one. Red flags about his background, about his educational background. So beyond that. But that’s basically that’s the gist of the story. He worked on extraterrestrial technology for a short time, and that’s the basis for it.