News From the Wasteland February 25th 2019

News outlets in the Philippines have reported on a video of a mysterious UFO sighting over the ocean, sparking confusion from skeptics and frenzy from UFO enthusiasts.

This comes days after several reported eyewitness accounts of UFOs over that country’s mainland.

The object in question appears to be very large and very bright, leaving many observers baffled as to what it might be.

On the conspiracy front, following YouTube’s decision a few weeks ago to stop promoting and recommending “conspiracy content”, YouTube has now announced it is ending monetization on anti-vaccine videos. These videos will still be on YouTube, but will not have ads so content creators will not be able to make money off of them.

A 12 year old boy, Jackson Oswalt of Memphis, has become the youngest person to achieve nuclear fusion at home, building an amateur reactor in an old bedroom. The reactor cost $10,000 to build – money for the project came from his parents. Although nuclear fusion is not yet viable for economical energy production, the ability to create small-scale fusion at home has existed for many years. Oswalt is simply the youngest builder of this technology so far. Oswalt is now 14, as it took two years for his accomplishments to be officially confirmed and recognized by the Open Source Fusor Research Consortium.

And finally, in apocalypse news, it rained live fish in Malta after a devastating storm struck the island. One observer was quoted as saying “One of the fish farms must have broke open, and there’s hundreds and hundreds of fish that have been blown ashore, and these people are here picking up the fish from the middle of the street.”

The storm was not quite powerful enough to be classified as a hurricane, although its strength was still notable as the Mediterranean Sea does not actually have hurricanes, only rare hurricane-like tropical storms called “medicanes.” The Mediterranean is expected to experience full-fledged hurricanes by the end of the century
due to climate change.