News From the Wasteland March 4th 2019

So first off, as you probably heard from news other than radio wasteland, last week India and Pakistan got into a dispute over Kashmir when Pakistan shot down and Indian pilot after India bombed militants in Pakistan and the world held its breath because it looked like there was a possibility of full on war for about three days, and together the nations have about 300 nuclear warheads. The pilot has been returned and things are calling on, but I just thought we’d acknowledge how close we came to a nuclear exchange – potentially the closest since the cold war.

The West Virginia community of Flatwoods is enjoying a large resurgence of tourism after a history channel series, a video game, and a documentary showcased he Flatwoods Monster sighting from 1952. On that fateful day, two brothers spotted a bright object flash across the sky and land nearby. They and a few other residents of the are went to investigate and encountered a bizarre creature with “small, claw-like hands,” and a head that “resembled an ace of spades.” The local Flatwoods Monster Musuem reports visitors from twenty seven states and several other countries. Good to see the lesser known cryptids getting some love.

And in mind control news, researchers at Zhejiang University in China have used brain to brain communication to allow a human to guide a rat through a complex maze using only their thoughts. The noninvasive system consists of an EEG machine that records human brain data and transmits it wirelessly to electrodes implanted inside rats.

Describing their accomplishment, the scientists said “our manipulators were able to mind control a rat cyborg to
smoothly complete maze navigation tasks.” They went on to say “computer-assisted brain to brain interface that transmits information between two entities is intriguingly possible.”

Of course, the rats made the researchers say that.