Kuman Thong “Golden Boy” with Sadhu Dah

Sadhu Dah joins us to talk about Guman Thong, Thailand’s Little Golden Boy. *** The Thai occult tradition of kuman thong originated in 19th century poet Sunthon Phu’s novel Khun Chang, Khun Phaen. In the story, Khun Phaen, a high-ranking soldier close to the king, earns the favor of a powerful sorcerer. The sorcerer takes such a liking… Continue reading Kuman Thong “Golden Boy” with Sadhu Dah

Resident Evil Chat with Horror Gamer

H0RR0RGAM3R is dedicated to horror, gaming, movie reviews, comic reviews, all things horror and we pick his brain about Resident Evil, originally known in Japan as Biohazard, is a Japanese horror video game series and media franchise created by Capcom. Check him out on Instagram!

Seth Breedlove’s on the Trail of Bigfoot

We find out what got Seth Breedlove and his crew into seeking out monsters  Small Town Monsters takes deep dives into popular cryptid folklore and paranormal oddities. Thankfully, they take viewers on the journey with them by documenting the intense process with video, facts, and awesome storytelling.  While yes, they have explored many cryptid and… Continue reading Seth Breedlove’s on the Trail of Bigfoot