After the object disappeared, two locals went into the woods to investigate further and found nothing out of the ordinary other than a strong odor of sulfur or ozone. They then returned home where they told their parents about what had happened, who then called police about the strange occurrence.

When police arrived at the scene there were no traces of any footprints or damage caused by an impact from an object landing on Earth but there was evidence that something had landed in one particular spot because there were impressions left in the ground that looked like skid marks from

Flatwoods Monster on Radio Wasteland

News From the Wasteland March 4th 2019

So first off, as you probably heard from news other than radio wasteland, last week India and Pakistan got into a dispute over Kashmir when Pakistan shot down and Indian pilot after India bombed militants in Pakistan and the world held its breath because it looked like there was a possibility of full on war… Continue reading News From the Wasteland March 4th 2019