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Are We Breeding Hellish Covid Monsters?

Scientists discovered coronavirus strains with unique mutations in the New York sewers. They think the mutations are not harmful and that the viruses have been floating around for a while. They do not know where the viruses came from, but they think it is possibly from infected rodents or other animals. So far, none of… Continue reading Are We Breeding Hellish Covid Monsters?

Covid 19 Update

In pandemic news, Coronavirus has now killed six US citizens in the US, all occurring in Washington State. The virus appears to be spreading unabated throughout communities all over the world, but it is still unclear just how bad the results could be. Nonetheless, the Stock Market fell thousands of points over the course of… Continue reading Covid 19 Update

News From the Wasteland February 25th 2019

News outlets in the Philippines have reported on a video of a mysterious UFO sighting over the ocean, sparking confusion from skeptics and frenzy from UFO enthusiasts. This comes days after several reported eyewitness accounts of UFOs over that country’s mainland. The object in question appears to be very large and very bright, leaving many… Continue reading News From the Wasteland February 25th 2019

Medical Tyranny with David Stephan

On this episode, we welcome embattled parent and medical activist, David Stephan. Regardless of where you stand with your views on healthcare and medical involvement, this episode should be eye-opening and thought-provoking for all.